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Welcome to the Boatsetter Today App

The paperless way to start + complete your Boatsetter boat rental.

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  • For Owners or Captains
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Use the Boatsetter Today App to seamlessly do the Check Out and Check In for your Boatsetter boat rentals. (If needed paper forms can be downloaded.)

Be a great host
for your boat’s rental:

1. Be prepared!

Download the Boatsetter Today App and make sure either you are present at the start of the rental. (Authorize someone else to do this.)

2. Do a walk around!

Review the fuel level, condition and equipment of the boat to note that everything is operational. Note any pre-existing damage. (Sign)

3. You’re in control!

If renter is going out without a captain, you must be certain that they are qualified. Any doubts? You may cancel rental.

4. Firm up the details!

Confirm return time, location, who will be responsible for refueling.

Welcome your boat
back to shore:

1. Do that walk around again!

Follow the steps in the app to confirm that boat’s condition, fuel levels etc upon boat rental completion.

2. Note any added costs!

Mark fuel levels. Note anything that will be deducted from the renters’ security deposit (fuel, captain’s tip etc).

3. Send it to Boatsetter!

Mark fuel levels. Note anything that will be deducted from the renters’ security deposit (fuel, captain’s tip etc).

*Owner note: when there is no captain, you or your designated agent MUST be present at return of boat

Kick off your
boat adventure:

1. Check out the boat

Walk through the Boatsetter Today App with the owner or his/her designated agent.


(Woo Hoo!)

Back at Shore:


Walk through the Boatsetter App again to complete your rental!


Note anything that will be deducted from your security deposit (fuel, captain’s tip etc).

3. Tips are appreciated!

Don’t forget the customary tip for your captain (10-15% of total rental cost).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

HOW CAN I GET the Boatsetter Today App?

You can download the app for free at iTunes or Google Play Store.

Can I list or rent out my boat on your app?

No, the Boatsetter Today App is only for the Check In, Check Out process. We are in process of developing an app for listing or renting, but for now, you’ll have to go to boatsetter.com to do that. (Don’t worry our website is amazing and easy to use. You’re going to love it!)

What should I do if I am checking my boat out or in and I cannot access the app?

It is a good idea to review the app is downloaded properly before you get to your boat rental. It is also a good idea to download the paper forms, just in case there is any issue.

I submitted a check-out/check-in via the app, with notes about an issue. What happens next?

A Boatsetter customer service specialist will be in touch to help you with the next steps. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us directly via tel or email, we’re happy to help!

Do I have to use the Boatsetter Today app?

We recommend the free app for the easiest and most streamlined check in/check out process...but those who prefer to work in hard copy, can download the forms, complete and email them back. Be sure to submit them back to us ASAP!

Kick off your boat rental
easily with our Boatsetter Today App

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