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With becoming part of our family we will now have better boat rentals for all!

What's new?

Boatsetter & Boatbound users can expect the same high-quality experience with around the clock customer service.

We will continue to improve user experience on the site for all renters, owners, and captains. Any updates will be communicated accordingly.

We are enhancing our communication tools to facilitate booking and communication with owners and captains.

Captain options will soon be available to more boats in more locations, making sure our process is compliant with USCG regulations.

The combined companies will make boating accessible to more people in more locations increasing traffic and request for our owners and captains.

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The new Boatsetter will exceed 10,000 rentals per year, and this is just the beginning!


  • Our fee will remain the same until further notice
  • Simplified boat rental request management
  • Faster payment process
  • An improved process to keep our focus on safety and compliance with USCG regulations.


  • Captain options will be added to more boats
  • Simplified boat rental request management
  • Faster payment process
  • New safety requirements to improve compliance with USCG regulations.


  • What does this change mean to me as a boat owner?

    Boatsetter and Boatbound teams will be working together to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for owners. We will communicate continuously in the process with you to make sure you receive detailed information. Our objective is to guarantee the best user experience on the site and improve our processes to always be fully compliant with USCG regulations.
  • Do I need to change my account or create a new one?

    Your account will remain the same and any additional details will be communicated later on. We will work internally to avoid any distractions to any of our users.
  • I have an account on both sites, do I need to cancel any of the two accounts?

    Your accounts will remain active on both sites, so you can keep managing your bookings in the same way. Eventually, we will merge both accounts into one so you can enjoy a better and enhanced experience.
  • Boatbound and Boatsetter offer different revenue shares to owners.  Which one will I get?

    For the time being you will continue to get the revenue share you have been accustomed to via the platform you boat transacts on. We will eventually move to one unified revenue share for everyone, but we will give advanced notice of any changes.
  • Is the insurance changing?

    Coverage for insurance provided via either Boatsetter, Boatbound, or your own charter insurance will not change for the time being. We will eventually move to offer a single peer-to-peer policy, but any changes about insurance will be communicated to users in advance.
  • Will Boatbound users have access to the Boatsetter captain database?

    Captains will be available for Boatbound boats when we finalize the merge of the two websites; at that time communication will be sent to captains for them to apply for the new boats available.
  • Will the affiliate program have any changes?

    The Boatsetter affiliate program will not have any changes. If any changes are to occur we will communicate accordingly.
  • Has my information’s privacy changed?

    No, Boatsetter has the same high level of privacy standards that you have come to expect from Boatbound.

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