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Welcome to the new Boatsetter
Boatbound + Boatsetter = Boat Better!

Top Quality Vessels

With becoming part of our family we will now have better boat rentals for all!

What's new?

We’ve created a faster, optimized site we like to think of as the best of both worlds.

Easier listing: most data fields will automatically populate themselves as soon as you enter your boat’s model.

With a better admin dashboard, our support team can solve issues even faster than before.

Instabook is now available on Boatsetter!

Faster payouts released 48 hours after the rental.

Bachelorette party on a boat? Corporate event on the water? Vacation planning? Our concierge services help you plan the best event possible on the water.

Boatsetter continues to make boating accessible by leading in the U.S. and expanding to the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

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Boatsetter led the U.S. market last year and is ready to expand globally this year!

Private Owners

  • Dedicated claims team within BoatUS/GEICO just for boat owners will give better service and faster resolutions
  • Our fee will be 35% for all private owners
    All insurance offered will be through BoatUS/Geico insurance
  • Automated boat listing approval from BoatUS/GEICO
  • Faster payment process paid out within 48 hours of the trip

Charter Partners

  • Our fee will remain the same at 15% for all Professional Charter Operators
  • Simplified boat rental request management
  • Faster payment process paid out within 48 hours of the trip
  • Access to our incredible channel partners such as Luxury Retreats and Inspirato


  • Captain options will be added to more boats; although trips aren’t always required to have a captain
  • Simplified boat rental request management
  • Faster payment process paid out quickly
  • New safety requirements to improve compliance with USCG regulations.


  • What does this change mean to me as a boat owner?

    We worked for months to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all of our users, especially owners. Our objective is to guarantee the best user experience on the site and improve our processes to always be fully compliant with USCG regulations.
    As we’ve migrated all boats to the new site along with all your account info, we only need you to enter your birthday to complete your new account.
  • Has the commission fee changed that I need to pay Boatsetter for each rental?

    Check out a detailed explanation of pricing here, which you can also find in our new Terms of Service that all users agree to in order to use our site.
  • Do I need to change my account or create a new one?

    We’ve worked internally to avoid any distractions to any of our users: your account will remain the same and all past information is saved. The only thing we need you to add is your birthday.
  • I have an account on both sites, do I need to cancel any of the two accounts?

    If you had duplicate accounts on both sites, we’ve made sure to save all of your information to one, unified, easy-to-use platform.
  • Will Boatbound users have access to the Boatsetter captain database?

    Yes: all captains, renters, boat owners, and charter partners are on the same platform, meaning that former Boatbound users can access Boatsetter captains.
  • Do I have to add Captains to my boat trips?

    While Boatbound users couldn’t add captains before, now they can! No worries, this is only an addition and not a necessity; however, as per U.S. Coast Guard regulations, you will sometimes be legally required to add a captain to your trip.
  • Do you have an Affiliate program on the new site?

    The Boatsetter affiliate program will be on pause as we make feature updates to it this spring. However, you may still use our refer a friend program program here as we expand to a newer one specifically for hotels and concierge partners who want to book boats for their clients.
  • I want to see some of the old trips I’ve done or old messages I had on the old website--how do I do that?

    If you had anything old on the Boatbound site, it is still there in your account. If you were a renter, captain, or owner using the old Boatsetter website, we have saved all data. In order to access legacy trips or messages, please contact our support team and we’re happy to pull that information for you.

Still have questions? Give us a call at or e-mail us at:
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